UK Grazia’s article on Russian It Girl Ksenia Sobchak and my personal reply to it…..

Last week I opened my weekly addiction, Grazia magazine and saw the headline on pages 48-49 that made me pause in my tracks: ‘The socialite leading Russia’s ‘Mink Mafia’. Its content rattled me so much, that I e-mailed Grazia’s team with my comments, but so far has heard nothing from them. Let me re-cap to you the contents of my e-mail first:

‘Hello,I am a Russian who has been living in London for quite a while now and even though I do consider London to be my home for now, I remain proud of my Russian roots and background. Having read your article on Ksenia Sobchak I realised that the bias towards Russians still remains.
To start with, the article wasn’t thoroughly reserched, as:
-Vladimit Putin is actually Ms Sobchak’s godfather and not just a family friend,
-Ms Sobchak has fallen out with Tina Kandelaki a long time ago,
-To compare Ms Sobchak with the assasinated journalist Anna Politkovskaya is an insult to the memory of a very brave and talented woman and journalist, who really took very serious risks in order to write the truth about Russian politics and in the end paid with her life for really fighting for what she believed in !  -Information that you present as an ‘exclusive interview’ has been published before in the Russian press.

-Ms Sobchak was questioned by the police because the journalists caught her on camera insulting the people who took part in anti-Putin’s protests and Miss Sobchak was furious that she was recorded, thus her attack on the female (!) journalists, with the security of the cafe where the altercation took place siding with her and not the journalists who were assaulted by Ms Sobchak and her friends.

-MTV’s cancelled talk show is now ‘live’ with the help of Russia’s oligarch and former Presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov and his media project Snob, so in that respect Ms Sobchak hasn’t lost anything.

-A smart, well-educated Russian actually turns the page or switches the channel when he or she sees Ms Sobchak, who seems to have her fingers in all of the pies, which can generate her financial rewards. The woman will do and has done everything in the past to gain publicity. Truth be told, she is not fighting for democracy, but looking for another interesting angle to sell herself to the media. Her rumoured boyfriend is in the news all the time, as he has a prominent position in the Mayor of Moscow’s office, so she isn’t really trading her front row positions and remains within the current ‘power’ circles, socialising with politicians, oligarchs etc. Who knows, she might end up going into politics in the future?

However, to glamorise someone like that is disrespectful for people who truly believe in democracy and take real steps in order to peacefully but fundamentally change things in Russia for the better.

with kind regards,
Galina A-P”

It really saddens me that someone like Ms Sobchak is being glamorised, when in reality she stops at nothing in order to promote herself for her own personal gain. It seems at the moment that she sees her future in politics and it would have been great, if she had the humanity and decency, which she fundamentally lacks. The case in point took place this past Sunday, when she co-hosted Russia’s top cinematic award, called ‘Nika’.

This year, with Nika celebrating its 25th anniversary, Russian Cnematic Academy took an unprecedented step to award its first of a kind humanitarian award to Russia’s two well-known actresses, Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova-not for their cinematic achievements, of which there are plenty, but for their charity work on behalf of Russia’s children, sick with leukemia. Both women started their charity A Gift of Life about eight years ago, when most of Russian children who had leukemia had practically no chance of survival.

In my view you don’t necessarily have to be a mother to understand the pain and fear that parents of sick children go on a daily basis, but Ms Sobchak went where no deent human being should go, questioning Ms Khamatova’s support for Prime Minister Putin during the Presidential election and tying it up with his support for Ms Khamatova’s charity-it was done in such an undignified matter that the auditorium started booing loudly, yet Ms Sobchak tried to persever, spoiling the mood and behaving like the stage belonged to her and not to two brave women, who while remaining dedicated to their own children and their profession, find the time, the energy and compassion to help save children’s lives and offer support to their dedicated doctors and most importantly, their very brave parents.

We are all different, different things drive and inspire us, but to dedicate two pages to a woman who has no dignity, no principles and no respect for people around her in my view is an insult to me as a Russian, who knows of plenty Russian women who command true love and respect in my native country. Ms Sobchak has never been nor will she ever be in that category!

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