Vera Wang’s Lovestruck perfume-loving the bottle design

VWOn most occasions I buy perfume because I like the smell and the mood that the perfume creates, but when I saw an ad for Vera Wang’s VW2‘Lovestruck’ perfume, I knew I wanted the bottle on my desk even before I smelled the perfume.

The bottle design and graphics are simple but I like the colour and the top of the bottle, where pretty flowers are tied with a wild ribbon-it just stands out and looks very girly.

The actual perfume has the mandarin and pink guava top notes and vanilla and precious wood as a base (there are more notes, it’s just that my nose isn’t that sophisticated in terms of identifying all top, heart and base notes) and it smells quite sweet on initial application and gets more feminine as the time goes by.

The perfume is stocked up by Harrods but you can also buy it at the Duty Free shops at Heathrow or on board the BA flight-I got a pretty good deal on the latter one flying from Moscow to London-smugly happy me .)

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