Versatility in fashion-Vanessa Knox

If you are anything like me, you like your clothes to be transitional and to serve you well for years-you know that familiarity feeling, when you open your wardrobe, put something on and feel comfortable yet smart & womanly? Well, my recent purchase from an American designer called Vanessa Knox (luckily for us Europeans she is currently London based) is all that and more.

Anastasia dress comes in three colours-black, heather grey and purple (works really well as spring/summer option) and you can wear it in so many ways it makes youVK1 in awe of a person who designed it. I bought mine in black-would have loved if it came in navy-and when I received it, in a white box with black ribbon, it felt like a gift to myself-small details do count, don’t you agree, especially in our ever encompassing fast paced times?

The dress is made from modal (94%) and elastane (6%). I go our during the day wearing it as a tunic or a top and in the afternoon, over the leggings, with heels. Yet, in the evening you can wear it sleeveless or with one bare arm. If you go on Vanessa’s site, you can see a video which shows you the possibilities-you can always think of novel ways to wear it yourself, of course, but it would be equally nice if a little brochure got enclosed with a purchase, for when one’s mind is too tired to think .)

When I wear the dress I feel comfortable-it feels really soft but feminine too, yet you  don’t have to make too  much of an effort, as the dress looks beautiful on you whichever way you put it on. 

When I asked Vanessa how she came up with the idea of this dress she said that ”versatile” is one of the key words for describing her brand (strap line- Modern, Sexy, Versatile)’ and that Anastasia Dress came about because she loves clothes that can multi-task and work into all the facets of a woman’s busy life.

This dress is, in essence, what a woman designer can create while a male designer wouldn’t necessarily think of straight away-there are so many facets to us, we work and we have families yet we all want to look beautiful while not looking like we tried too hard. I now also call the dress my femininity keeper.

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