Vitamin D deficiency & its consequences

In the the last few months I have read an endless amount of articles on Vitamin D deficiency and its effect on our bodies, particularly our mood. At the same time debates have been raging on the dangers of prolonged sun exposure and the fact that cases of skin cancer has been on the rise, even in children and people in their 20s. I started wondering if there is a solution to this two-fold dilemma.

Having spoken to girlfriends, skin care specialists, facialists and even a cosmetic surgeon, the consensus seems to be that we all need about 20 minutes a day of ‘unprotected’ ( meaning with no sun protection ) sun exposure daily, which is going to help us get the necessary level of vitamin D, as well be beneficial to our skin and health. One would think that going on a holiday and spending two or three weeks in the sun ( if one gets lucky with the weather, of course ) would be enough to last us a year, but research shows that it isn’t the case and ideally, we need daily sunshine to ‘top’ us up.

Yes, we can get vitamin D from our diet ( particularly rich sourcesare salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, shitake or brown cup mushrooms and eggs ) but even with the most balanced diet we won’t have enough to sustain us on a regular basis, unless we go out and enjoy direct sunshine on our skin ( when you are on a holiday in warm or hot climate, it is safe to go outside without sun protection early in the morning, when the sun is not hot but don’t be tempted to do it during sun’s ‘most active’ phase, between the hours of 11am and 4pm ).

Sun rays can and do go through the clouds, so don’t worry if the day is slightly grey-just go outside and walk, jog or run, inhaling the fresh air and enjoying the scenery, as autumnal colours are so beautiful, it will also lift you mood and give rise to happy emotions.

3 thoughts on “Vitamin D deficiency & its consequences

  1. You are so right – it makes you feel so much better – there is a reason why children need ‘playtime’ outside at school. Simply but well-written!

    1. thank you very much for a great comment! And yes indeed, it is very important for both children & their parents .) to spend time outside. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are a recipy for healthy children and happy parents

  2. Great post! It is surprising to see how many people are vitamin D deficient these days. It’s great to know how much sun time is good for us without damaging our skin.

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