Vitamin support for autumn time

Transition from summer to autumn can be somewhat treacherous and our immune system tends to either take time to adjust ( we end up feeling tired and struggle to get out of bed in the morning) or we just end up catching colds or viruses. I am on my second cold in as many weeks and have been thinking lately on what vitamins I can rely to help me get over colds without resorting to over the counter medicine.

My number one ‘friend’ in that respect is Emergen C, which I start taking at the first sign of a cold and most often than not, even if the cold stays, it lingers as opposed to taking over my body. There are also two very useful homeopathic remedies-aconite 30c or oscillococcinum-the same rule applies-start taking them as soon as you have an inkling that you are coming down with something. The cold will either start developing at a much quicker pace or will disappear all together-win win either way.

Pukka is a very good brand ( I really like some of their teas) that produces organic bio nutrients and I have started taking theirpukka Natural Vitamin C that contains bioflavonoids that are made from a powerful blend of organic fruit extracts including, rosehip ( a very popular remedy in Russia which is also available as delicious tea, that acts as a tonic not only for your immunity but your skin too-be choosy about which one you buythough as many of them tend to be bland and a good rosehip tea if fragrant and full of flavour), lemon, acerola and bilberries.

Eskimo makes a high strength Omega 3 fish oil supplement that also contains vitamin E which is a great anti-oxidant and I find that not only it nurtures my skin, as the weather becomes colder and harsher but it gives my body support as the energy levels dwindle a little.

From my own experience I know that going to bed earlier, preferably with an open window in your bedroom, eating seasonal foods that are full of vitamins, drinking warming teas like chai tea, green tea or lemon and ginger infusions and doing moderate amount of exercise, even if it is a brisk walk during the daylight hours makes a big difference to the way our bodies respond to cold and viruses.

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