Weekend treat-Sisley facial at Selfridges

Sisley2I have had one of those productive, but very hectic weeks when things needed to be repaired, serviced etc.-fantastic when the results are achieved but quite exhausting too, hence my decision to have some ‘me-time’ on Saturday morning.

Sisley, an expensive but wonderful French brand has started doing 30 minute facials at Selfridges and I thought I would give it a go. The place was very busy, full of people shopping and the music blaring all around-I sometimes wonder how sales assistant work there, without going mad…..

My therapist Amy had offered me a flute of champagne to start with but I kindly declined, preferring a glass of water in the champagne flute. I sat down into the treatment chair that was reclined and Amy covered my hair with a white fluffy towel band. The chair is separated from the counter by the mat scream which offers you some privacy in the middle of a very busy cosmetics floor.

And then I breathed in, breathed out and relaxed….. as Amy’s delicate hands cradled my face. The time flew by quickly, with my face being cleansed, buffed (Gentle facial buffing cream achieves great results while being gentle on the skin, so definitely recommended!)-at some stage Amy used an oil which gave me a slight burning sensation, but when the mask was later applied and Amy massaged my face the skin relaxed and the irritating sensation all but disappeared. I also had a neck and scalp massage after Amy applied an eye mask and then put on cotton pads soaked with something soothing over my eyes. I almost fell asleep so would highly recommend this facial at the end of a busy day ( or at least at the time when you don’t have to concentrate too much  later) as sounds fade away and you just enjoy the sensation of utter bliss.

At the moment you can have six types of facials, which are:

The Me-Time Instant Glow Facial, which was the one I had

The Anti-Aging Booster Facial

The Teenage Regulating Facial

The Instant Revitalising Eye Treatment

The Jet Leg Recovery Facial

and for the guy in your life, The Men Deep Cleansing Facial.

The facial costs £35 pounds for half an hour but it can be redeemed against any two Sisley skincare products purchased on the day of the treatment-a glass of champagne is complimentary, if you choose to have it, unlike me .)

p.s I have heard about Sisley‘s cream called All Day All Year, which is anti-aging and protects the skin from environmental aggressions. Having tried it I have to say that my skin loved it and instantly felt plumped and rejuvenated but as it costs £205 I will have to buy this product as a special treat to myself, around Christmas time -after all, New Year requires resolutions and this will be the top of my list for the year 2011.

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