Wellness Trend: Vagus Nerve

Vagus nerve interfaces with the parasympathetic control of our heart, lungs and digestive tract. Comprising two nerves – the left and the right one- this 10th cranial nerve goes from the brain straight to the gut. It is the main component of human autonomic and parasympathetic nervous systems that affects mood, body functions and relays information from vital organs right to our brain. I have been hearing about this nerve in different types of treatments, for both face and body, and practitioners administering them each highlighting its importance for our mood. Now some beauty brands are responding to the chimes of people talking about nervous exhaustion by launching products that directly target vagus nerve.

OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil

American skin and bodycare brand OSEA launched Vagus Nerve Oil earlier this year. Having developed it in order to sooth and diminish the feeling of stress, this particular oil also acts as a wellness fragrance that promotes the feeling of happy contentment. The higher one’s nerve tone, the better is the body’s ability to relax after experiencing stress. Think about people who are often labelled ‘high strung’ and compare them in your mind with those that you are drawn to ….because there is an aura of calmness around them. 

From brain to gut

OSEA recommends warming two pumps of the Vagus Nerve Oil between the hands and cupping your nose for a minute, breathing in the scent. Do it for a couple of minutes and then transfer your hands to the side of your neck and massaging the oil all the way up from the nape right up to your ear area, with particular focus on the small area located just behind your ears.

After a couple of minutes of this massage, which will ease the stress and soreness from your neck (particularly applicable to those who use computer and phone throughout the day), interlace the fingers over and place them behind your head. Keeping your head straight, shift your gaze to the right and maintain this posture, until you experience a sensation of wanting to swallow, a sigh or a yawn. Then shift your eyes to the left and repeat the same ritual. This gentle ritual might seem trivial, but it does help to quickly shift yourself from a state of higher alert to a more relaxed one.

It’s the little things that matter…or make a difference to how we feel

It’s difficult to vouch for the efficacy of this or that product because we are so different in our responses and preferences, but the ritual of using the body oil and targeting the vagus nerve specifically is something that anyone can benefit from, young children included. The sense of touch that we all had to shy away from because of the ongoing pandemic is something that continues to negatively impact us all. By incorporating one little change into your daily routine come January – have you noticed how glossies and digital publications no longer bombard us with slimming recommendations or newest diet books in their January editions ? – make it this one and hopefully you will notice not only the positive improvement in your mood, but your overall sense of wellbeing as well.

To find out more about OSEA Vagus Nerve Oil, please click here

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