William Curley’s chocolate

WCWomen are known to have a sweet tooth-some men have it too-but all too many of us are aware that sweet staff tends to go on our waist lines, so what does a girl have to do? One of the things that works for me is high quality chocolate, eaten in moderation-well, if the chocolate is really good, you wouldn’t eat too much of it anyway, I promise you .) 

My recent favourite chocolatier is called William Curley and I popped into his shop a few months ago, after having had a sinful lunch at the Poule Au Pot, which is almost opposite it.

Mr Curley has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, including Le Manoire aux Quatre Saisons and La Tante Claire and lately he has been ‘championed’ by none other than Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who I am sure knows quite a bit about good food and good wine!

The shop in Ebury street is light and airy and has light wood cupboards full of goodies, plus a nicely set out area to have coffee, hot chocolate, truffles or various pastries on offer. But the true gem in this shop is the chocolate and boy, will you be spoilt for choice.

You can try various truffles, my favourite so far are Framboise, Japanese sake or Jasmine or Couture ChocolatesSea Salt caramel is to die for, but give Blackcurrent & Juniper berry, Apricot & Wasabi, Rosemary & Olive oil or Thyme & Scottish Honey a try.

Last week I went to the shop & bought a box of Spiced Hot Chocolate-I was told that they do 40g of hot chocolate to 130 mls of milk in the shop but if you and milk don’t get on, try making it with water and the beauty of the chocolate will give you immense pleasure on a dull and grey afternoon.

P.s If you like Chocolate & Perfume, the Ebury street shop will be hosting a ‘chocolate & perfume pairing’ eventon Monday, 26th of July together with Robert Gorman from Miller Harris perfume. You will be able to experience chocolate & fragrance pairings while drinking champagne and eating homemade canapes. Who said you can’t combine business and pleasure?


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