Xmas Gift Ideas ( Beauty ): Bodhi, Georgia Louise, Ilia, Kjaer Weis, Nourish Skin, RMS Beauty & Rouge Bunny Rouge

Whether you believe in magic or not, it is beginning to feel a lot like Xmas with the decorations going up, jingle bells playing and the air smelling of burning logs, marshmallows and hot chocolate. Festive season brings along the need and the desire to shop for gifts, so I thought I might start throwing some ideas out, like snowballs.

Rouge Bunny Rouge: I discovered this beauty brand earlier this year and feel that the products, as well as the amazing linguistic descriptions that are at the core of the brand, will make any woman happy when she receives them. With Christmas come various parties and what better way to enhance your own look then by emphasising your eyes. Rouge Bunny Rouge Nocturnal Ink ( newly launched this month ) is a beautiful satin eyeliner that feels like a Japanese calligraphy pen in your hand. This eyeliner ink provides a sleek, precise application that dries up very quickly. Dot the colour between the lashes along the lash line so you have a ‘fuller’ line that will give your eyes a more magnetic emphasis. The eyeliner works well even on sensitive eyes and has been both dermatalogically, as well as ophthalmologically approved. The ink comes in three shades-sooth black, deep ebony brown and midnight petrol blue, so you are bound to find the one that will compliment any eye colour.


When I first tried the eyeliner, just on its own, a few hours later the line was a little smudged, so I got in touch with RBR team and received lots of helpful and practical tips, like ‘try priming your eyelid. Of course everyone’s skin is different, but RBR make-up artists and team use the liners with RBR Long-lasting Eye Shadow’ or ‘a hint of powder also works perfectly fine under the eye shadow and liners to enhance the staying power’. Once I used the eyelid primer the whole look worked perfectly and it has become one of my favourite make-up tools since then. Add ‘When birds are singing’ long-lasting eye shadow in ‘Rain dove’, which is a light caffè latte hue or ‘Rufus-tailed Weaver’ which is a darker dusky brown, your ‘make-up look’ will be enigmatic and current. The brand also added new blender brush 016 and loose glitter pigment ‘Fire Drops’ in ‘Eaten all the cherries’ that you can apply around the eye for a more festive look and you are guaranteed to look, as well as feel the belle of the ball.


Another great gift idea can be RBR ‘Silvan’ perfume which has a sensuous aroma drawn from shaded earth, leathery leaves and forest trees, as well as from the streaming sunlight and the refreshing bite of bitter greens. The perfume blends juniper berries with sparkling grapefruit, so you get a cooly composed presence, like an Ice Queen on a  gloriously sunny day. You also have smooth accords of guaiac wood, smoky incense, vibrant black pepper all of which are propelled by patchouli, liquorice and cedarwood.


Nourish Skin:  last year my favourite party accessory was this brand’s Golden Glow Toning Souffle and this year Nourish team added Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer to its products range and it truly is like a radiance magic fairy wand for your face. It is a perfecting skin-highlighter that combines light-responsive bio-actives with tri-peptide 5 ( helps to reduce wrinkles ) and hyaluronic acid ( helps the skin to retain moisture ), as well as golden mineral powders that defines your complexion and give you a naturally healthy, dewy glow. This face shimmer also contains Frankincense that regulates and balances your skin, vitamins C and E derived from argan oil ( helps to support skins structural proteins ) and Myrrh ( for dermal fibroblasts and collagen stimulation ).


The 86% organic formula harnesses the potency of ‘chromatherapy’-using light as a health benefit. According to Dr. Pauline Hili, Nourish Skin founder, ‘the polyphenols from South African Tonka Bean Extract absorb the light in the invisible spectra ( UVA & UVB ) and emit in the invisible light, so skin appears more luminescent and fine lines/wrinkles are less apparent. The same polyphenols also act as highly active antioxidants that mop up the damage caused by physiological free radicals’.

You can apply this product directly to your face and decollete, smoothing it lightly over the skin or you can add a few drops to your tinted moisturiser or foundation to make your skin look even and radiant. You can also wear it on its own, on top of your usual serum and moisturiser – perfect complexion within a few seconds. I think this product has a potential to become a modern classic among women of all ages and it will make a perfect present or a xmas stocking filling.

Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer, 30 mls, £14.95

As a separate idea, Nourish launched Argan Beauty Collection in time for the festive season, which contains three of the brand’s most popular products: Argan Skin Renew, Argan Skin Rescue ( I love the versatility of this product and use it not just on my face but to tame my eyebrows and add shine to my hair ) and the above mentioned Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer. The set is priced £24.95 and you might love it so much you might want to keep it for yourself.


You can use a promotional gift code ‘GIFT15’ at the checkout on Nourish website and get 15% off your order until December 6th.


Kjaer Weis: this make-up range is created by a Danish-born make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis and I find that Danish sense of style mixed with practicalities makes for a fantastic combination. Every product in this tightly edited line is beautiful, stylish and makes you feel in control of your make-up-not many make-up brands can boast that, after you leave the counter and expert hands of MUAs working there and go home.


Take Kjaer Weis cream blush for example. The sleek, expensive looking compact looks like an art object, is sturdy enough to stay in your hand and you can use it as a mirror as well. What is also handy is that it is refillable, so you don’t have to pay the full price of the compact itself each time. The website of KW is easy to navigate and their colour descriptions are spot on, so you are less likely to make a mistake when choosing the right shade for yourself or your girlfriends. The color choice is chic, the textures enhance, rather that overload your skin and they stay put perfectly.

When you have the time, explore Kjaer Weis luxurious and organic lip tints, mascara and eyeshadows that will make you feel as close to a supermodel ( from the make-up point of view ) as an average woman possibly can.

Available in the UK on www.naturisimo.com or for the full range of products check out Kjaer Weis website: http://www.kjaerweis.com/

Ilia: this American organic beauty brand has been insiders favourite for a while but this year it’s been grabbing spotlight in fashion bibles like Vogue and I say hurrah to that. Their lipsticks are a safe joy to use ( unlike many that might be already on your bathroom shelf, but I am not here to preach ), have amazing pigments and staying power. Their lip color shades are truly unlike any other and recently they added Lipstick Crayons that are a must have for any woman who cares how she looks, yet is pressed for time.


The crayon itself combines organic ingredients with contemporary colors that will give you a creamy, matt finish. You can use it with Ilia lipsticks but I prefer to use it on its own, giving my lips an outline and then applying it like a lipstick. Check out pinky ‘Dress you Up’ that works beautifully during the day or take it up a notch with a corally pink ‘Karma Chameleon’ that works well for a night out. With nourishing sunflower, sesame, castor seed, rose hip and papaya seed oils you lips will be beautifully nurtured and will give you confidence on a daily basis. The crayons also don’t need to be sharpened as they are twistable, making them a perfect precision lip tool on the go.


RMS Beauty: this beauty brand, created by formidable and tireless make-up maestra Rose-Marie Bravo, has been championing coconut oil as part of its range and their latest launch, Buriti Bronzer is no exception. At the time when our summer tans have faded and a skiing one hasn’t taken hold yet, this beautifully moisturising and subtle bronzer is an answer to our pale prayers. You can build it up if you want more colour but it doesn’t crease into your skin, it enhances it. The bronzer itself looks like a pot of decadent milk chocolate and it smoothes and nourishes your skin, while boosting your mood with the smell of coconut and cocoa, during much shorter and darker winter days.



Bodhi: this is a brand that I never get tired of talking about because the products are simply amazing-try them and you will see how transformed they make you feel. Whether you are looking for serenity or a healthy energetic buzz, you are bound to find something that will help you achieve that. I am known for my healthy addiction to Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub ( particularly indispensable when we are keeping out skin under wraps and the cell turnover might become a little sluggish ) but another beautiful product for this cold and dehydrating time of the year is Bodhi’s Cacao Cocoon Lip Treatment Balm. It’s beautifully vibrant orange color is in part derived from the super potent sea buckthorn berry. This delicious balm is full of anti-oxidants and vitmans that will shield the lips from moisture loss and harmful UVs. It will moisturise your lips or heal them if you get little cracks and it will also act as a perfect base for your lipstick or you can apply it to any dry patches you might have on the face or body.


Or contemplate Bodhi Noel Tropicale Xmas gift sets and be transported from the winter wonderland to a fragrant beach paradise. You have Pod Gift Set ( to help revive the senses ) , Bloom Gift Set ( sensual & purifying ), Cocoon Gift Set ( beautifully nourishing for the skin ), Assemblage Gift Set ( a shower & bath delight to create every mood imaginable ) or a truly decadent and luxurious Ultimate Artisan Gift Set ( showcases a complete Artisan series line of products and are a beautiful indulgence in every sense of the word, from textures to smells ).



Georgia Louise: British born facialist Georgia Louise is known in beauty circles for her natural approach to skincare and non-invasive treatments, as well as her signature lift & sculpt massage. While most of us won’t travel to see Georgia Louise in New York City where she opened a practice in 2011, we might gift ourselves or a girlfriend/mother/sister/colleague with her Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone that is exquisitely pretty and promises healing and anti-ageing benefits with regular use.


The Butterfly is made from Rose Quartz, which is sometime refered as ‘the ice of the gods’ or the ‘Love Stone’. Its energetic hallmark is that of the unconditional love that opens our heart chakra. Rose quartz is known for its strong, positive energy, so Georgie Louise advises to place it under your pillow at night-time to help enhance your relationship but it will also calm your mind and help you sleep more peacefully thus waking up looking fresh and radiant.

By massaging your face with this rose quartz butterfly you will help to flush the toxins, smooth lines and wrinkles, contour your face and stimulate lymphatic drainage, while also reducing puffiness from which many women suffer. If you massage along your jawline, it will help to de-stress your face as well, as many of us ‘accumulate’ tension in our jawline, by clenching it.


The butterfly comes with precise and easy instructions on how to massage your forehead, under the eye area, cheeks, neck, jaw, upper face, eyes, brow lines, smile lines, middle brow and cheeks. It feels cool and smooth as it flows over your face and I know for a fact that regular facial massage definitely helps to hold back the time and keep face muscles more toned. Just take five minutes at the end of the day and massage your face lovingly, feeling for tension and sending it out on its way. Enjoy the tranquility of the moment and let your mind flow, just being in the moment and savouring it.

Happy Christmas beauty gift shopping, I hope you will find something that the women in your life would love using on themselves, during their much-needed and so often neglected ‘me time’. We all need to stop feeling guilty about it and realise that by taking a few minutes a day for ourselves, we will greatly benefit people around us.

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  1. Galina, I simply love your gift selection! The butterfly stone reminds me a bit about the jade roller that I use. This is just wonderful: “Enjoy the tranquility of the moment and let your mind flow, just being in the moment and savouring it.” How true, my friend <3

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