Xmas Gift Ideas: festive sets from Aurelia Probiotic skincare

December is a busy time, as we all rush to have all the work commitments done alongside getting ready for parties and spending time with our loved ones. On top of that there are Christmas cards to be sent & gifts to be bought. So to inspire you here are two special gift sets from one of my favourite British beauty brands Aurelia Probiotic skincare.


Aurelia Probiotic skincare was only launched in 2013 but already has an impressive worldwide fan base & many awards, the most recent one being from CEW UK. Their products not only deliver lasting results & appeal to women of various ages but each has a unique smell as well, each formula inspiring our inner beauty and femininity. Just in time for Christmas Aurelia launched two limited editions of their Award-Winning products: a Complete Collection and an Indulgence Collection.


Aurelia Complete Collection

is a comprehensive set that includes an Eye Revitalising Duo alongside luxury miniatures of the whole range that will transform your skin with regular use and proper skincare routine (daily cleansing is a must is you want your skincare to work effectively).



Eye Revitalising Duo (full size)

Miracle Cleanser (15ml)

Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (15ml)

Revitalise & Glow Serum (5ml)

Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser (15ml)

Cell Revitalise Rose Mask (15ml)

Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser (15ml)

Cell Repair Night Oil (5ml)

Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil (5ml)

One full-size bamboo muslin cloth


If you want to find out in more detail each of the products in this beautifully fragrant gift set, you can read my review of Aurelia products here and a review of their eye duo here. As we party too much our looks can be affected, so the eye rollerball in the morning and a creamy eye formula in the evening will ensure that you or the person who will be the lucky recipient will whether the party season beautifully and will have a result-driven daily skincare regime as well.

Aurelia Probiotic Complete Collection costs £95 and comes beautifully packed and wrapped, so all Father Christmas has to do is put it under the Christmas tree.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Indulgence Collection

is a little different. It includes gorgeously indulgent Rose Mask alongside seven luxury sized miniatures which will jointly improve your skin and make it more hydrated and glowing.



Cell Revitalise Rose Mask (full size)

Miracle Cleanser (15ml)

Refine & Polish Miracle balm (15ml)

Revitalise & Glow Serum (5ml)

Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser (15ml)

Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser (15ml)

Cell Repair Night Oil (5ml)

Firm & revitalise Dry Body Oil (5ml)

One bamboo muslin cloth

I reviewed Aurelia Rose Mask last year & remain lovingly loyal to it ( it is a truly luxurious product and when my other half travels for work I love nothing more than to apply it in the evening and iron while also catching up on news or movies. In the morning I wake up with less house chores and beautiful skin, ready to face the day. The mask not only helps to re-hydrate your skin overnight, it also gives your skin a dewy, healthy glow so you will probably need less prep and make-up). Wether you are gifted this set or you choose to gift it to your girlfriend, mother, sister or colleague it will create a happy positivity and sense of deserving indulgence.

Aurelia Pure Indulgent Collection £70

4 thoughts on “Xmas Gift Ideas: festive sets from Aurelia Probiotic skincare

  1. ah you and I and our love for all things Aurelia! I didn’t know that they had come out with Christmas gift sets…how lovely they look! I’m soooon done with trying out their entire range thanks to Alice & White, only have the serum, day cream and the rose mask left and they all sound like must haves. I honestly have yet to try a product that I didn’t like and don’t get me started on the scents. If one brand had to symbolize the perfect Nic scent, Aurelia would be it. Lovely review Galina and I hope you are doing well! Xx

    1. I think it’s the whole ‘package’ that team Aurelia does- from packaging to customer service that makes women love their products and men compliment women on how glowing they look and how beautiful they smell. Xmas sets come complimentary gift wrapped plus they also offer a Wishlist tool which allows you to send a direct e-mail to your loved one & give them a wink or loving nudge in the right gift direction. Thank you for your comment Nic, hope you get Aurelia goodies that you wish for x

    1. I truly love all of their products but have a really soft spot for Aurelia body oil, face glow serum & refine & polish balm. Go for the product that you skin is asking for now .)

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