Xmas gift ideas: the gift of shoe giving from TOMs + Tabitha Simmons

I think that most of you will agree that Christmas is the time for giving-a smile, a hug, a card, a present to show the people who you care about that they mean a great deal to you. But what if you could buy a pair of shoes ( for yourself or for a friend ) and a new pair of shoes will be given to a child in need? That’s the idea behind a beautiful brand called TOMs.


Blake Mycoskie, a Texas native, founded TOMs in 2006, having seen the consequences of kids not being able to afford shoes. He came up with the idea of One for One and since the brand’s launch it has given over 10 million pairs of shoes to children who desperately need them ( alongside it Blake also launched TOMs eyewear which helps to save and restore the sight  for people in need, particularly those who leave at high altitudes and where the lower oxygen concentration makes eye problems deteriorate much quicker ). Blake’s idea was to create a business that was sustainable  and not reliant on private donations and he continues to approach his business with creativity and passion.


Tabitha Simmons is a CFDA award-winning footwear designer & stylist who is on every fashionista’s lips because her shoes are cooly sophisticated and comfortable to boot. Why am I telling you all this? Well, Toms and Tabitha put their creative heads together and produced truly unique shoes, along the esthetic of both brands. You can choose from a cricket stripe women’s classics in pink or blue ( £90 ) or cricket stripe women’s desert wedges in red or blue ( £110 ) or a TOMs+ first, thanks to Tabitha-kid’s shoes – choose from a tiny classics in pink or blue cricket stripe with a velcro band for ease of putting them on/off ( £26 ) or youth laced cordones that even a grumpy teen will appreciate ( £32 ).


Considering that Tabitha’s shoes normally retail at the £500 upwards price point, those shoes will be a bargain and yet buying a pair of shoes for yourself on this occasion will give you a double satisfaction and knowledge that your purchase will also help a child get a pair of shoes at the time of the year where the lack of footwear can be deadly.

Your shoes ( my wedges are elevatingly comfortable and look so elegant, I ache for warmer weather & a chance to take them out ) will arrive in a sturdy paper box with the shoe bag and a cool sticker that will also tell you about five ways in which you can get engaged with TOMs, for example go barefoot on One Day Without Shoes. When I saw this I instantly thought about getting chided by a girl who does my pedicure in the winter for not bringing my flip-flops and marching out with my feet wrapped in cling film and UGGs. Imagine that there are plenty of people around the world who can’t afford shoes or whose shoes are so worn they might as well be walking barefoot in freezing temperatures or in places where walking barefoot is painful and dangerous.


With the fun of festivities and the year drawing to a close, it is always nice to pause and appreciate what you have-a roof over your head, clean water, home comforts and people who love and appreciate you. It is also timely to save your blessings and take the time to do something for others who might not be as lucky as you are.


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