Yoga teacher Nadia Narain and her new web site

Nadia Narain is a petite yoga instructor who radiates calmness and whose classes are as popular with women, as they are with babies, as Nadia teaches dynamic yoga flow classes as well as mother/baby and prenatal classes.

nadia one

She has just relaunched her web site that has been updated visually and content wise. You can learn more about Nadia, the classes that she teaches, things that inspire her and her practise and teaching, as well as buy things from her web shop, including beautifully balanced candles that are titled ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘joy’, ‘hope’ and ‘light’ and are made from 100% plant wax ( they are also chemical free and recyclable-I use the glass jars that are left after the candle has burnt as little flower vases in my kitchen ).

You can click on her web site link below, as well as use a 10% off any product in stock with a promotional code ‘loveyoursite’ until July 21st, 2012.

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