Young British Designers

If you are anything like me and like fashion, than you know how interesting it is to keep an eye on the new designers, who haven’t become huge just yet, but possibly have that potential. With a hand on my heart I can honestly say that in general I prefer Italian, French and American designers because I often find British designers too avantgarde, and that’s really not who I am, but I was truly swayed when I came across a new site dedicated to YBD (Young British Designers).

You might have already heard about shoe desingers Bionda Castana or Danielle Scutt (who won the Chloe prize for best fashion designer), Irwin and Jordan (her father is Eddie Jordan and one just loves the Irish! who are truly one of the coolest nations in the world) or Olivia Rubin, but I loved the knitwear by Alice Palmer-her ‘Batman’ dress will make you feel like a powerful warrior woman, Charlotte Taylor’s penguin scarf would lift your coat or jacket with its colourful cheekiness and her ‘Lauren’ draped waistcoat will give you a modern edge, Eudon Choi’s military shoe boot has a reminiscence of Alexandre Wang with a colour twist, Felicity Brown’s ‘Aristide Bruant’ dress makes me just dream of a magical ball and dancing away the night with a handsome but modern Prince Charming, whose mother probably would not approve, but hey, I will have great memories of it and that’s what counts! Julian J. Smith has very striking prints, Jenna Gibson offers cool, futuristic dresses, Nina Dolcetti’s ‘Cosmos boots’ just make me drool-after browsing the site I can just go on, and on , and on-the sheer talent and variety is really overwhelming, and I don’t say that often, being a huge fan of Net-a-porter .)

Each of the designers has his or her own identity and you truly would be spoilt for choice and who knows, one day they might become huge and you would have a rare piece from one of their first collections-isn’t it an added bonus?

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