Your lips will love Ilia

Throughout the summer holiday I have been ‘trialling’ a new lipstick from a Canadian organic brand called Ilia-an interesting brand name, as in Russian ‘Ilia’ is a boy’s name-well, it’s spelled slightly differently, Ilya, but thought IIlia2 would mention it to you anyway.

Hand on the heart, I am not a lipstick addict on a daily basis-I might put on some gloss on in the morning and favour a dramatic red lipstick for the evening but I definitely don’t obsessively re-apply throughout the day, unlike some of my girlfriends .)

When I heard about Ilia conditioning lip balms landing on the UK soil at Being Content, I thought I would buy a couple and see what I think while sunning myself-after all, if your skin looks tanned and you are on a holiday, a nice lipstick is probably the only item of make-up you really need to look groomed.

Ilia lip conditioners come in six shades-mine are a pinky ‘blossom lady’ and a perfect coral shade called ‘shell shock’. Well, it was love at first application for the following reasons:Ilia

-they smell yummy with extracts of orange blossom and jasmine.

-they contain a lot of nurturing ingredients like cocoa butter, castor seed oil, organic beeswax, jojoba oil, natural vitamin E, grape and pomegranate seed extracts that are great anti-oxidants-and with sun exposure you get free-radicals that aren’t that great for your skin and remember, the skin on our lips needs extra protection, as is much thinner there. 

-they are a balm, gloss and lipstick rolled into one. And if you ‘layer’ it, you create a slightly different, more intense shade, so one tube can take you easily from day in the office to a night out.

The end result is that having tested vigorously during my summer break, I have become a more regular lipstick user and my lips feel better for it!

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