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Zarif design collection
Zarif design collection

Most of us, be it a man or a woman, follow fashion. Some do it in passing, others take it seriously. I am somewhere in the middle, i.e. I pay attention to what is going on the fashion scene but don’t take all the trends on board and wear only the clothes that I enjoy and that suit my personality and lifestyle. If anything, I am put off by some items because everyone seems to wear them or have them on their arm or around their neck. For me, fashion is about being unique.

This week a new, Afghan born designer called Zolaykha Sherzad, of Zarif design, was introduced to the clients of a Mayfair boutique Rous Iland-remember I told you about those stylish girls?

Zolaykha was born and raised in Afghanistan but had to flee the country because of political instability. She originally trained as an architect but in 2004 she started Zarif design (meaning ‘precious in Dari).

Unfortunately Zolaykha herself couldn’t be at the trunk show as she was in Paris, working on a collaboration with Agnes B but I spoke to her representative, Anna Haber, who said to me that Afghanistan, its crafts and traditions were at the heart of Zarif design, bringing constant inspiration and desire to save unique crafts, like embroidery, and also give Afghani women an opportunity to learn and be able to earn money for their families. The collection that I saw consists of blouses, skirts, pretty silk dresses, wool coats with beautiful, sometimes embroidered linings, scarves and pashminas that are very vibrant. The designer manages to combine traditional Afghan fabrics with then modern western fashion making her work truly unique. Her designs are original but what attracts me to her work is her pride in her roots and her skills, with which she tries to build bridges between different countries, which is particularly important in those unstable times that we live in. or at Rous Iland boutique

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