Zero Dark Thirty-the movie that leaves the audience deep in reflection

Not often I get to see the movie which leaves such a lasting impression on people that they get up from their seats at the end of the film in absolute silence, occasionally muttering single words like ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’ and then going back into deep thought-Zero Dark Thirty is that type of a movie.

zero dark thirty

Last week my plan was to go and see Les Miserables but having watched the trailer, I decided that I will wait until it comes out on DVD and made a quick decision to book the tickets for Zero Dark Thirty, having seen Django Unchained ( Christoph Waltz & Leonardo DiCapriogive extraordinarily powerful performances, blowing you out of your socks-forgive the pun-with their humour, intelligence and unrivaled artistic skill, delivering sharp Tarantino lines ) the week before, I had a definite upper hand on the movie selection.

Zero Dark Thirty was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, an American award winning director. It tells the story of the painstaking efforts to find Osama Bin Laden. This movie could have been a soppy patriotic vehicle, instead it is a poignant, meaningful story of a CIA agent called Maya and many people whose work bears impact on the security and safety of people around the world. The movie is an honest look at how events unfolded and I left the theatre with a distinct feeling of tremendous respect and empathy for the professionals whose daily work makes our world a safer and better place. At the expense of their personal life and security, those people tirelessly and expertly piece the parts of the puzzle together, in order to solve the problem of the ever expanding terrorism networks.


Kathryn Bigelow made a movie that is honest and respectful, she assembled and directed a wonderfully complimentary to each others efforts cast (Edgar Ramirez, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Jennifer Ehle…) led by the heart-breaking yet vulnerable in places Jessica Chastain, who radiates such intensity on screen that you can’t but emphasise with her character and her journey that is full of disappointment and loss along the way, as the action moves from country to country and the pace and suspense gathers.  


This movie puts the spotlight on the people who often ‘remain in the shadows’ but whose work actually makes a difference and because of this, the movie feels doubly precious and unique. Maya and her collegues are bigger than life characters, unlike the majority of politicians or celebrities. The have principles, knowledge, drive and determination that many politicians lack. They often don’t even get acknowledged for their hard work and yet they are the real heroes who should be our role models. I so wish that this movie wins an Oscar or several of them-to me it would signify the recognition that the real, hard-working people around the world deserve. And Kathryn Bigelow deserves all the accolades for making the movie that doesn’t seem to have been shot by a woman but a wise and experienced professional who has a sharp eye, a big heart and amazing talent to pinpoint the things that are real and human.

Zero Dark Thirty, running time 160 minutes

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